A brief summary of the political and media reaction to rioting and looting

The GOOD citizens cleaning up their community

This nation has witnessed, in shock and disbelief, the most horrible crimes upon its streets, but we are not going to talk about racist police harassment because that is not the point here; what we are going to talk about it, and we are going to talk about it good and hard, is the UNSPEAKABLE BEHAVIOUR of young people on our streets, rioting and looting before our eyes with no sense of RESPONSIBILITY. Never before have we been presented with such a FAILURE OF MORALS, obviously a consequence of FAILURES IN PARENTING – or at least, not since the Iraq War and the expenses scandal, and they all had GOOD parents so it WASN’T THE SAME.

These feral beasts, these rats in human form, have perpetrated upon UPSTANDING MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY atrocious outrages. These people have no morals at all, not even the white ones. They are like savages, even the white ones (see, no racism here!). They have no notion of responsibility to their communities – and it is NOT THE POINT that they have no communities. They have no notion of working hard – and it is NOT THE POINT that there are no jobs. The POINT is that they have been raised in a culture of entitlement, corrupted by benefits culture and probably rap music – even the white ones – and now they expect everything to be handed to them on a platter even though it is only Cameron and Osborne who are actually used to that. They have no politics, no morals, no desires except to TAKE TAKE TAKE, and if that sounds like what we have promoted for forty years then you are stupid to think we were ever talking to THEM.

What we need now is to crack down as hard as we can and give these kids the DISCIPLINE they have always lacked – and if they lacked love or respect that’s just tough because DISCIPLINE is what they will get now. We will teach them to RESPECT OUR AUTHORITAH! It would be absurd, insulting even, to expect US to respect THEM, dangerous little savages that they are, so we must make them respect us – it’s going to have to go one way at least if we are to DEFEND OUR CIVILISATION. And if that means calling in the army then so be it, these crazed THUGS must understand that they CANNOT GET AWAY WITH VIOLENCE and if that means bringing in plastic bullets, water cannons and the stocks to deal with these monstrous children then that is what we must do. We must find the final solution to this menace of immorality within!

This is what you get from years or socialism and liberalism and you may have looked at the people with power in media and politics and thought we are neither socialist nor liberal, and you may have noticed that riots follow in the footsteps of poverty not the footsteps of liberals, but THAT DOESN’T MEAN THE SOCIALISTS AND LIBERALS AREN’T TO BLAME. We must strip these people of benefits and homes and that will definitely stop them stealing and roaming the streets acting all threatening towards TRUE CITIZENS. And if you still see them roaming the streets, REPORT THEM TO THE POLICE, because there is NO REASON for them to be on the streets at all when they could be getting jobs that don’t exist and it is good to see the courts working on making it an OFFENCE to be in the WRONG PLACE.

Let it never be said again in Britain, this GREAT country of ours, that THUGS took what they wanted just BECAUSE THEY COULD. That is the job of the politicians stealing the NHS from you just BECAUSE THEY CAN. We must be absolutely clear that there are consequences to crime, at least if you are POOR. Certain people must TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what they have done – not us of course. These kids show that our SOCIETY IS SICK and if there are obvious people to blame for our SICK SOCIETY it is fourteen-year-old kids who play no part in our society and aren’t we all glad we didn’t let them now? We therefore call upon the police, our fine, upstanding police, to take a FIRMER HAND with these teenage monsters who KNOW NO RESPECT. We demand that the police use ALL NECESSARY FORCE to keep them away from us and protect us from their MINDLESS BESTIALITY.

Not every being with a human face is human

– Carl Schmitt, President of the Union of National-Socialist Jurists, 1933

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4 Responses to A brief summary of the political and media reaction to rioting and looting

  1. Tim says:

    I wonder, often, how much different people are “represented” by seeming statistical trends in society.

    For example, if you go into a town or shopping centre you can often see some prominent shops in highly obvious or high traffic locations. So, it would be easy to assume that those shops were important to/used by a high proportion of people.

    Another similar example, is advertisement. You could think that the kind of things being advertised on TV had some correlation to the kinds of things that most people are buying.

    But it seems to me that you can be very easily mislead by this kind of thing. Some people have many times the “disposable” income than other people. The “spending power” of different individuals is massively different.

    It could easily be (and I think from the actual income/expenditure) numbers that large amounts of advertising and most shops, and by implication many of the things funded by advertising are aimed at a very small portion of the population. For example, all those adverts for £30,000+ cars.

    Seems to me that much of the narrative and analysis assumes that because adverts are superficial about a particular group (like, anyone can drive an expensive car) that they are aimed at that group (anyone). When infact, they are not, only at a very small very privileged group of people who can have a BMW or an Audi.

    I expect that similar things apply in many cases. How well do the unemployment numbers represent people who are not part of the official financial system? How many people are not unemployed but are not employed in they way employment is often represented (having a job)?

    What I am getting at, is I wonder how much of the media narrative is simply to do with the people they are trying to talk about not having any significant representation in any of there normal discourse? Are they using these kind of “gang” or “youth” or “thug” labels (at least partly) because the people that they want to talk about are not represented at all. They are not buying those goods they stole, they are mostly not using “smartphones”, they are not on benefits, they are not “young”, or corrupted by “gang culture”, or any of those other things. They are the people that are most often simply ignored.

    The media simply doesn’t have the idea that these people existed prior to the rioting, and will continue to exist afterwards. And probably some of them handed you your change in Tescos, and could not possibly afford to ever spend several months’ disposable income on a new TV.

    When are any of these people every represented as individuals by these media outlets? I guess there should be an “Eastenders” story line on taking part in the riots huh?

    So if these people are only defined by rioting, if that is the only tag that the media can put onto these people, then they must only have the attributes associated with riot. So they must be immoral. How can being “young” be an excuse or justification for riot? Although some commentators have tried to convince us that being poor/black/stupid/lazy is the cause…

    The idea that /most people/ are poor, work shit jobs, and have no say of any kind in much of what society imposes on them, is totally absent in a mathematical sense from these sources. They only know how to represent people that are economically powerful, because those are the only people with any influence or importance (read profit) to these types of media. What is the point in trying to sell a car to someone that spends all their income on housing association rent and food?

    Actually, one statistic that I think that maybe does speak to all of this is that of the £32billion spent at retail in the UK each month, £8Billion (25%) is spent in supermarkets.

  2. agent z says:

    But then how far do you trust the statistics? They are not measured in a vacuum. I think there are ways to challenge the media narratives etc beyond statistics, though I’m not saying they can’t be used at all.

    • Tim says:

      Hehe, well not all statistics are equal! but my view is that it is extremely hard to challenge the factual basis of broad media narrative with any other tool than statistics.

      You can look at each statistic, look at how it is created, compare it to other statistics… test it, do all sorts of nice and powerful things with them.

      Seems to me that you end up using statistics one way or another. You might find a single counter example, or many counter examples (both of which are essentially statistics).

      Of course you can talk about ethics and morality and other things without using statistics… but so can anyone else!

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