Solutions for a selfish, irresponsible, poorly-parented generation of thugs

If rubber bullets and water canon are good enough for all rioters, they're good enough for the looters-in-chief. All I ask is consistency in the application of solutions.

They hang the man and flog the woman,

Who steals the goose from off the common,

Yet let the greater villain loose,

That steals the common from the goose.

— Seventeenth-century English protest rhyme

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7 Responses to Solutions for a selfish, irresponsible, poorly-parented generation of thugs

  1. psychomansam says:

    Oh god, the filthy working classes are rioting. How dare they act in such a vile manner against our perfect democracy which gives them all fair chances. (It seems they’re feeling a little disenfranchised by society’s false dreams and lack of equality).

    Thought I’d come on here to see what you said as I was getting so pissed off reading Fb statuses about the vile thugs. No-one seems to even ask why!? Maybe we’re all so good at the ‘put up and shut up’ approach that we feel they must follow it too…

    • Tim says:

      According to this it seems that the UK has the highest correlation between father-son income (intergenerational earnings elasticity) of all the OECD countries. Including higher even than that of the USA!

      But, of course, its wrong to ever steal. You should just starve. Or live on your cut benefits doing forced labour. That >20% youth unemployment rate is all your own fault. You should have tried harder in school. Now shut up, sit down and suck it up. Better luck next lifetime.

      • Tim says:

        By the way, there is some interesting stuff in that article about the way that housing effects social mobility by concentrating poorer people in the same schools. I am expecting the recent changes to housing benefit to increase this effect in the UK. So expect this part of the contribution to social inequality to increase.

        • Tim says:

          Would be very interested to see the same study again when the changes to council taxation, EMA and University funding really bite.

  2. agent z says:

    I genuinely do think we can be consistent with both rioters and politicians. We can look at their position within existing political and economic structures and try to work out why they behave like they do. As you say, it does require the curiosity to ask ‘why’ in the first place…

  3. agent z says:

    btw, for avid followers, I do intend to post more stuff riot-related soon. I’ve been holding off partly due to depression at the incipient fascism of mainstream rhetoric and partly because other people have posted really cool stuff like this:

    So I don’t feel in a hurry to say all the obvious stuff.

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